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Scrum Master Training – English

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Hands-on with the Scrum framework

You learn to apply Scrum effectively. As a mentor, coach and facilitator you will help the team become more energetic, self-organizing and productive. As a Scrum Master you ensure that multidisciplinary teams work together effectively.

Interactive with many practical elements

The Scrum Master course consists of 30% theory and 70% practical exercise. The training contains so much practice because Scrum is simple to understand, but difficult to master. In small groups you practice theory with real-life case studies. During the training there is sufficient room to elaborate on your practical experience and questions.

The training lasts for two days and has a maximum of 16 participants. After participation you will receive a certificate from Scrum Academy. You always get experienced English speaking trainers with international exposure, who ensure that you will get started with a fresh boost or Agile energy after the training!

All the elements of the Scrum framework

You will learn to master the skills and agile mindset that you will need to apply Scrum. This provides you with all the knowledge to apply for the official Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM1) certification online.
The purpose and all of the elements of the Scrum framework are packed in this two day course. This way you can master the framework in a way that fits your organization. We provide practical methods and techniques to get started with confidence and energy.

Going up for the Professional Scrum Master PSM I certification

After the training you will receive a certificate of participation from Scrum Academy. If you want to be certified as a Scrum Master, you can do so through the PSM I certification at . This certification is not included in the price (so we can keep our pricing competitive), but we can arrange it for you. If you wish, indicate in the comments field on the registration form that you also want to take the PSM I certification. We arrange the assessment attempt and settle that with the invoice.

In brief

  • Practical training
  • 2 days
  • Including extensive lunch
  • Learn how to make a Scrum team self-organising
  • Preparation for PSM1 certification

For whom?

Are you a team lead, or do you work in a Scrum team every day? Or do you already know that you would like to become a Scrum Master? In that case this training will suit your needs. This training is also perfect for team members or project managers who work in Agile organizations, who want to understand and apply Scrum in detail.


Pand Noord
Meeuwenlaan 98-100
1021 JL Amsterdam


2 days
start 9 am to 4:30 pm

For whom

Starting Scrum Masters


Scrum Master Toolkit

Price (ex. VAT)

€ 1095



Day 1

  • What is Agile?
  • What is the difference between Scrum and Agile?
  • On which principles is Agile based?
  • How do I explain Agile to my team?
  • What is the purpose of Scrum?
  • When Scrum is, and is not, effective?
  • What is the division of tasks between the Product Owner and Scrum Master and Development Team?
  • What are the characteristics of Scrum?
  • How can I help the Product Owner compile and manage a good Product Backlog?
  • What makes a good Sprint Backlog?
  • What are the characteristics of a good Backlog Item?
  • What are the pitfalls or using User Stories?
  • How can the team estimate Backlog Items with Story Points?
  • How do I do Product Backlog refinement properly?
  • How can I help the Product Owner provide good forecasts and planning?

Day 2

  • What is the Definition of Done?
  • How do I use a burndown chart?
  • How do I organise the Daily Scrum (also called the Stand-up)?
  • What’s the ideal length of a sprint?
  • What is the purpose of the Sprint Review (also called the demo)?
  • How can I organise effective Retrospectives?
  • How can I continually improve my team?
  • How can I make sure that conflicts are effectively handled?
  • How can I recognise blockers in my team, and how do I remove them?
  • What are the most important factors for achieving a productive team?
  • Who decides the team composition?
  • What is my role as Scrum Master in the wider organisation?
  • How do I make myself superfluous as a Scrum Master?
  • How do I achieve my Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM 1) certification at the first attempt?

Not sure which training suits you?

Please contact
Gert-Jan Danenberg

Managing Director & Agile Coach

+31 (0)85 1302117
+31 (0)6 11535207

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Your trainers

van den Heuvel
Scrum MasterMartijn
Van Asseldonk

Participants about our training courses

(Translated by Google) A year later, I still benefit from the Agile Coach Training. I still regularly check our common Trello. Meanwhile, Agile working within the Hogeschool is becoming more and more a household name, thanks to the training I have followed with you! (Original) Een jaar na dato heb ik nog steeds veel aan de Agile Coach Training. Ik kijk nog regelmatig op onze gemeenschappelijke Trello. Ondertussen begint Agile werken binnen de Hogeschool steeds meer een begrip te worden, met dank aan de opleiding die ik bij jullie heb gevolgd!

Anne Nienhuis

2 months geleden
(Translated by Google) In December 2019 followed the Scrum Master training at the Scrum Academy. It was a very interactive training, in which knowledge sharing as well as learning by doing were alternated. The exercises were set up in an original way which kept you focused throughout the training. The trainer Rose-Anne Dotinga has a lot of expertise and experience in the field of Scrum and Agile working. She shared this with the group and let us experience it at the same time. In addition, she brought good energy and created an open and trusted atmosphere. Personally it has brought me a lot of new insights into agile collaboration after 10 years of working at a corporate. In addition, the practical ways that you learn how to prioritize will certainly help me now that I want to start for myself. I definitely recommend this training! (Original) In december 2019 de Scrum Master training gevolgd bij de Scrum Academy. Het was een zeer interactieve training, waarbij inhoudelijke kennis deling evenals leren door te doen werden afgewisseld. De oefeningen waren op een originele manier opgezet wat je gedurende de gehele training scherp hield. De trainster Rose-Anne Dotinga heeft veel expertise en ervaring op het gebied van Scrum en Agile werken. Dit deelde ze met de groep en liet het ons tegelijkertijd ervaren. Daarnaast bracht ze goede energie mee en zorgde ze voor een open & vertrouwde sfeer. Persoonlijk heeft het me na 10 jaar werken bij een corporate zeer veel nieuwe inzichten gebracht op het gebied van agile samenwerken. Daarnaast gaan de praktische manieren die je leert hoe je prioriteiten kunt aanbrengen me ook zeker helpen nu ik voor mezelf wil beginnen. Ik raad deze training dan ook zeker aan!


3 months geleden
(Translated by Google) I have followed a 'Scrum Master Training' at Scrum Academy. Very good and clear training with nice varied work forms. Given by Rose-Anne Dotinga who enthusiastically taught us the basics of scrumming and the accompanying roles. She clearly has a lot of practical experience with Agile working and Scrum. Also in the training much attention and good preparation for the certificate 'PMS1'. (Original) Ik heb een 'Scrum Master Training' gevolgd bij Scrum Academy. Erg goede en duidelijke training met leuke afwisselende werkvormen. Gegeven door Rose-Anne Dotinga die enthousiast ons de grondbeginselen van het scrummen en de bijbehorende rollen heeft bijgebracht. Ze heeft duidelijk erg veel praktijk ervaring met Agile werken en Scrum. Ook in de training veel aandacht en goede voorbereiding op het certificaat 'PMS1'.

Keesjan Deelstra

4 months geleden

Ricco Delfos

4 months geleden
(Translated by Google) I have followed a "Design Thinking" and a "Product Owner" course through Scrum Academy and am very pleased with this. Value for money. So to stay in Agile country a good "value"! The trainers are super relaxed and dedicated Scrum gurus. On to my to my PSPO :-) (Original) Ik heb een "Design Thinking" en een "Product Owner" cursus via Scrum Academy gevolgd en ben hierover zeer te spreken. Value for money. Om in Agile land te blijven een goede "waarde" dus! De trainers zijn super relaxed en dedicated Scrum guru's. Op naar mijn naar mijn PSPO :-)

Läslo van den Broek

5 months geleden


5 months geleden
(Translated by Google) Great training. Fun, interactive, lots of room for questions and practical application. You can immediately apply the working methods used in your work. There is also sufficient attention for the Scrum theory. With a little preparation day (based on tips Scrum academy) I then have to get the certificate fine. The two days of training can change your mindset and feel what Scrum is really about. (Original) Prima training. Leuk, interactief, veel ruimte voor vragen en de praktische toepassing. De gebruikte werkvormen kun je direct toepassen in je werk. Er is ook voldoende aandacht voor de Scrum theorie. Met nog een kleine dag voorbereiding (obv tips van Scrum academy) heb ik vervolgens het certificaat prima kunnen halen. Door de twee dagen training kun je je mindset veranderen en voelen waar Scrum echt over gaat.

Wendy Wes

5 months geleden

Hatim Boushaba

5 months geleden
(Translated by Google) I was already fairly familiar with the Agile Framework, but this training gave me much more insight than the introduction at the time in the department where I worked. In two days you go into the depths often enough, you get lots of practical examples and you do active exercises to make the ideas your own. Good trainers, with a lot of experience and enough room to ask questions and easily submit examples. Definitely recommended if you want to delve into the role of Product Owner! (Original) Ik was al redelijk bekend met het Agile Framework, maar deze training heeft me veel meer inzicht gegeven dan de introductie destijds op de afdeling waar ik werkzaam was. In twee dagen ga je vaak genoeg de diepte in, krijg je veel praktijkvoorbeelden en doe je actieve oefeningen om het gedachtegoed je eigen te maken. Goede trainers, met veel ervaring en genoeg ruimte om vragen te stellen en dragen makkelijk voorbeelden aan. Zeker een aanrader als je je wilt verdiepen in de rol van Product Owner!

Roger Bremer

6 months geleden


6 months geleden
(Translated by Google) Very valuable training followed, Agile Scrum Coach. The four days flew by and it made me a lot wiser. Thanks to the dynamic training forms and the top trainers, the energy remained high and the pace was good. (Original) Zeer waardevolle training gevolgd, Agile Scrum Coach. De vier dagen zijn voorbij gevlogen en ik ben er een stuk wijzer door geworden. Door de dynamische trainingsvormen en de top trainers bleef de energie hoog en het tempo er goed in.

Eelco Hos

6 months geleden
Very valuable and enjoyable training! A top training focussed on the role of Agile Coach. There was super balance between theory and learning by doing which introduced me to new approaches I could experience immediately in practice. A truly great example of experiential learning by doing. Experienced trainers with loads of personal examples from which they could easily respond to questions raised and on which to explain/build theory. A few words I associate with the training ==> fun, knowledgeable, energy, insights, enthusiasm, practical, focused, positivity, tools 🛠, enlightenment, colourful, empathic, together, growth, tips & tricks and interesting until the last minute!

Tanya van der Leur

6 months geleden
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