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An Agile Coach Training that gets you started right away

As an Agile Coach, you help teams and organizations to perform. You accomplish this by making work more Agile. If you have several Agile teams, the added value of an Agile Coach is high. Compare it to playing football: a good coach can also bring an average team to the world cup. How do you bring Agile teams to the top? That’s what you’ll learn in this training.

The Agile coach focuses on the functioning of the team. The functioning has to do with mindset, clear roles, an atmosphere of openness, focus on added value, and above all enjoying the work.

What you’ll learn in the Agile Coach training

In this training, you will learn how to coach the Product Owner, Scrum Master, team members, and stakeholders in their roles. You ensure a whole in which all roles function together, in a way that fits the organization.

The more these roles are performed with an Agile mindset, the better the collaboration. You will get practical guidance on how you can give people an Agile mindset.

In addition to the transformation to the Agile mindset, this training is about coaching individuals, coaching teams, guiding Agile transformations, dealing with conflict, and your personal development as a coach. You can view the program in detail at the bottom of this page.

Focused on online and offline coaching

Increasing the performance of your teams is a challenge, especially if those teams – as is increasingly happening – are not physically together. This Agile Coach training can be followed both on location and online. The online version is a practical introduction to commonly used online tools. With the on-site variant, the advantage is that you get more informal contact with fellow coaches. You will learn online and offline facilitation techniques. Would you like to learn more about how to properly support sprint planning, sprint review, or retrospective? Do you want to go in-depth with group dynamics and advanced facilitation? View the training Scrum Master II. Would you like to know more about culture and transitions? Then the Agile Coach Training II training is what you need.

What makes Scrum Academy training special?

Agile Coaching challenges your mental flexibility. Coaching Agile teams is something that is difficult to learn from a book or a video. It helps a lot if you experience it for yourself. We want to give you that experience at Scrum Academy. We train in an interactive, challenging, and practical way. You build a toolkit of concrete working methods and interventions. We pay attention to Psychological Safety and the energy for creativity. There is room for your specific questions. After the Agile Coach training, you can: tackle your Agile challenges with confidence.

At Scrum Academy, you train together with other Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Lean experts, and starting Agile Coaches. Much attention is paid to the exchange of experiences and especially to active exercises and working methods.

Structure of the training

You will work on your skills as a coach to make individuals, teams, and organizations more Agile. During 3 days (physical on location) or 6 half-days (online) you will get started with interactive exercises and practical cases. You will meet other interesting participants with whom you will share a wealth of experience and knowledge.

When you follow the Agile Coach training online, you do assignments that you normally do in the training room, between sessions. Count on about 6 hours of assignments that you carry out independently with other participants. We believe in practice. By practicing you get a deeper understanding of the theory. Or you discover what you didn’t know yet. You can also directly ask questions about it. We will discuss the results of the exercises in the next meeting. Within the program, we work with an interactive digital learning environment in which you exchange learning experiences, tips & tricks, and inspiration.

Certificate upon completion

At the end of the Agile Coach training, you will receive a certificate from Scrum Academy and you can call yourself an Agile Coach. Scrum Academy is a member of IC Agile for international certification and accreditation.


  • 3-Day live training (9:00 - 16:30)
  • Active exercises
  • Toolkit for a quick start
  • Lunch included

For whom?

Are you a Scrum Master, Lean expert, Team coach, or starting Agile Coach, and do you want to develop as a professional Agile Coach? Then this Agile Coach training is valuable for you.










B. Building 2

John M. Keynesplein 12-46

1066 EP Amsterdam



3 days from 09:00 until 16:30


Scrum Masters, starting Agile Coaches, Lean Experts and Team Coaches

Languages Nederlands English
Available dates

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Agile Toolkit

Cost (excl. VAT)

€ 1895


Training programme

Part 1 Agile Context

  • What are the skills of an Agile Coach?
  • How do I work with remote teams?
  • What is the difference between a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach?
  • What are the goals of Agile Coaching?
  • How do I make an Agile assessment of organizations?
  • How do I convince others of the Agile advantage?
  • How do I make the Agile mindset clear?








Part 2 Teaching, Mentoring & Coaching

  • Which Teaching techniques can I use to speed up an Agile process?
  • How do I coach team members?
  • How do I start a mentor meeting?
  • What is the purpose of coaching?
  • How do I ensure that team members experience personal growth?









Part 3 Team dynamics

  • How do I deal effectively with team dynamics?
  • How do I increase ownership in teams?
  • How do I deal with different types of teams?
  • How do I facilitate productive conflict?





Deel 4 Team interventions

  • How do I intervene powerfully in teams?
  • How do I grow teams?
  • What is important for productive teams?
  • How do I increase psychological safety?
  • How do I improve motivation and engagement?









Deel 5 Agile transformation

  • How do I recognize an organizational culture?
  • How do I make culture concrete in behavior?
  • How do I start a transformation?









Deel 6 Personal development

  • How do I do knowledge sharing with fellow coaches?
  • How do I draw up a transition plan?
  • What is important for my own transition issue?
  • What will be the next steps in my development as an Agile Coach?









Unsure which training suits you best?

Gert-Jan Danenberg

Managing Director & Agile Coach

+31 (0)85 1302117
+31 (0)6 11535207

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What our participants think of our training

Nina Soares Dias
2 months geleden
Top training!! Ontzettend veel geleerd, en geen een moment verveeld tijdens de tweedaagse. Mooie mix van interactie en informatie.

Larissa Kilian
3 months geleden
Top Training. Heel interactief en hulpzaam. Alles was heel goed geregeld en gecommuniceerd. Ik zou het zeker aanraden.

Marjolijn Maathuis
3 months geleden
De training Scrum Master 1 van Scrum Academy is een echte aanrader voor iedereen die de rol van scrum master wil leren op een interactieve manier. Leren door doen!

Frederique Kamp
4 months geleden
The OKR training was a true eye opener where a lot of pieces of the puzzle of agile transformation are combined. I highly reccomend this training.

Manouk Dijk
8 months geleden
Nog nooit zo’n fijne en leerzame training gehad met fijne sfeer! Super interactief en toepasbaar!

Pascal Slot
8 months geleden
Echt super geregeld. Leuke trainer, heel interactief en leerzaam. Maakt alle lovende reviews waar!

Angela Tamira
10 months geleden
Een super fijne 2-daagse Scrum Master 1 afgerond bij Scrum Academy. Goede begeleiding met veel leuke werkvormen waardoor je zelf actief aan de slag gaat. Geen lange PowerPoints maar heldere uitleg ondersteund door visuals. Begeleider met veel kennis uit de praktijk, erg fijn.

Diana van Vessem
10 months geleden
Interactieve training met duidelijke uitleg, en diverse speelse werkvormen waardoor je direct met het framework aan de slag gaat.

Dmitry Obriskiy
11 months geleden
Good quality training, a lot of practice. Kudos to coach Adrie!

Tim van Son
1 year geleden
Goede duidelijke en vooral kernachtige benadering van de Agile Coach training gegeven door Roy die dit zeer enthousiast, energiek en met passie brengt. Fijne interactieve werkvormen, veel technieken en ook veel plezier gehad de drie dagen. Aanrader!
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  • Course designed with our best practices

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  • Interactive and enegergizing

  • Perfect balance of theory and practice

  • Score of 4.8 / 5 stars Google

  • Get started right away with our toolbox

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