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Product Owner Master Track

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A coaching track focused on you and your practice.

Did you complete the basic Product Owner training, and are you developing new products? Then this expert track instantly adds value for you. The track is bespoke for your team and your practice. You obtain a rich collection of tools and best practices, and you apply those tools right away in your specific situation. Learn and get things done at the same time! Experienced trainers help you translate theory into your practice.

The power of the Product Owner

As a Product Owner, you have an influential role in the organization. You ensure that your team focuses on the most valuable activities. Usually, this involves a large budget, so the stakes are high. As a Product Owner, you have the best overview of the landscape of interests. From that position, you can significantly accelerate projects with intelligent decisions. This overview makes Product Ownership an exciting role. The role is also challenging, and you can feel alone in the dynamics of stakes and expectation management. It is hard to know how well you are doing. This track helps you focus on the skills you need to perform as a Product Owner.

Investing in skills pays back quickly.

Investing in skills has a short payback period when your influence is considerable. Skilled Product Owners often create twice as much Return On Investment as beginning Product Owners. They handle budgets and hours of development teams more efficiently. Therefore, investing in the best practices, tools, and thinking frameworks pays dividends within just a few weeks.

In addition to leveraging the team and development budget, advanced Product Owners know how to keep calm and keep an overview. You get more grip on innovation and become a solid partner for top management.

A program focused on the traits of successful Product Owners.

The program is spread over six days, focussing on the needs of the participants. In those six days, we share practical tools for Successful Product Ownership. At Scrum Academy, we kickstart many teams. Research among these teams shows that successful, advanced Product Owners possess the following traits.

  1. You know how to create end-to-end customer value (outcome) with each sprint.
  2. You can inspire with the expected value (ROI) of your team’s output.
  3. You take ownership of your team’s successes and setbacks.
  4. You efficiently and effectively build relationships with your stakeholders and team members.
  5. You know how to motivate the team to take risks intrinsically.
  6. You bring clarity and calm: safety, frameworks, direction, vision, and direction.
  7. You manage expectations securely and predictably
  8. Thanks to your overview, you know how to combine short-term and long-term work.
  9. Using facts and data, you and your team know how to produce value faster and faster.

Structure of the training

In a 6-day program, you will receive training and coaching centered on your practice. Every other week you will get one day of training. Between the training days, you apply your new skills. The alternation of theory and practice makes the training dynamic and interactive. On the training days, you escape the day’s urgencies and take time to work on the big picture. It’s work that needs doing anyway, so you won’t lose a second!


  • 6-day expert track
  • Training day every other week
  • Meet with other Product Owners
  • Experienced trainers with a Product Owner background

For whom?

For product owners who know the basics and want to become more proficient at their job.






Course structure
  • 6 days
  • every two weeks
  • spread over half a year
  • Personal coaching
  • Accredible certificate ‘Expert Product Owner’
All aspects of the Product Owner Role
  • the visionary
  • the customer’s representative
  • the entrepreneur
  • the researcher
  • the influencer
  • the decision maker
  • the politician

Training programme

Roadmapping & Forecasting

  • How do I align my goals with those of other teams?
  • How do I get the most out of quarterly/PI planning?
  • How do I schedule the development for the long term?
  • How to use Objectives & Progress Metrics (OPME) as a Product Owner?
  • How do I build and update my roadmap?



Backlog Refinement

  • How much detail do I include in Backlog Items?
  • How do I make Refinement more efficient and more fun?
  • How do I balance operation and innovation?
  • How do I value and prioritize technical debt?

Portfolio Management

  • Building Value-based portfolios of Epics and Themes
  • How do I set priorities?
  • How to make optimal use of the organizational budget?

Research with Analysis, statistics and data

  • How do I organize user research?
  • How do I use A/B testing as a Product Owner?
  • How do I build a KPI Tree?
  • How do I do a strategic gap analysis?

Leadership for Product Owners

  • How well do I do on the 9 Qualities of PO Leadership?
  • How do I build Ownership?
  • What is the base for my personal leadership?
  • How do I develop myself and others?

Decision Making

  • How do I make inclusive decisions?
  • How do I say no politely and clearly?
  • How do I break big decisions into small chunks?
  • How do I deal with uncertainty and risk?
  • How do I ensure that discussions are not repeated over and over again?
  • How do I ensure support for decisions?
  • How do I speed up decisions?

Stakeholder management

  • How do I deal with the different types of stakeholders?
  • How do I ensure openness and transparency?
  • How do I get support for goals?
  • How do I make promises that the team can keep?
  • How can I efficiently share progress and results?
  • How do I convey an idea in an inspiring way?
  • How do I coach my team towards higher productivity?

Learning from your customers

  • How do I quickly get empirical data from the market?
  • What Are Effective Scum Interview Techniques?
  • How do I test and build an MVP with Scrum?
  • How do I strategically incorporate customer needs into my product?
  • Design thinking & empathy
  • Experimental development
  • Lean experiments

Unsure which training suits you best?

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Managing Director & Agile Coach

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What our participants think of our training

(Translated by Google) Great training with good interactive parts given by 2 inspiring trainers. Highly recommended if you want to do more with agile working! (Original) Geweldige training met goede interactieve onderdelen gegeven door 2 inspirerende trainers. Een aanrader als je meer wilt doen met agile werken!

ricsi horvath

4 weeks ago
(Translated by Google) Practical and educational! (Original) Praktisch en leerzaam!

Suzanne Steijn

4 weeks ago
(Translated by Google) Presenting the material in a 'playful' way. High Quality. Good set-up and skilled trainers (Original) Op een 'speelse' manier de stof presenteren. Hoge kwaliteit. Goede opzet en kundige trainers

Cor van Emst

1 month ago
(Translated by Google) Once had an in-house training for Product Owner and the VDPM training at Scrum Academy. Both great workouts. Good balance between theory and practice and always room to bring in and discuss your own cases. Can be applied directly in practice, so provides immediate value! (Original) Eenmaal een in-house training gehad voor Product Owner en de training VDPM bij Scrum Academy. Beiden super trainingen. Goede balans tussen theorie en praktijk en ook altijd ruimte om eigen cases in te brengen en te bespreken. Direct toe te passen in praktijk, dus levert direct value!

Saskia de Bruin

2 months ago
(Translated by Google) Not perfect, but good. Product Owner I followed training. This was one of the more expensive providers, but small scale so worth the money. The training consisted of two days and the trainers worked in pairs. The second trainer added little on the first day. He was an old top athlete or something who mainly seemed to have the task of filling out flip charts and getting things ready. On the second day there was another second trainer who had much more practical experience and really added value. It was a pity that this added value was not offered on both days. Everything else neatly arranged. (Original) Niet perfect, wel goed. Product Owner I training gevolgd. Dit was een van de duurdere aanbieders, maar kleinschalig dus het geld waard. De training bestond uit twee dagen en de trainers werkten in duo's. De tweede trainer voegde op de eerste dag weinig toe. Hij was een oud topsporter ofzo die vooral als taak leek te hebben flip-overs invullen en dingen klaarzetten. Op de tweede dag was er een andere tweede trainer die veel meer praktijkervaring had en echt een meerwaarde had. Het was jammer dat die meerwaarde niet alle twee de dagen geboden werd. Verder alles keurig geregeld.


3 months ago
(Translated by Google) Participated in the Product Owner 1 training to full satisfaction. Great location + trainers. The topics covered are also relevant and useful. Definitely recommend. (Original) Deelgenomen aan de Product Owner 1 training naar volle tevredenheid. Prima locatie + trainers. Ook de behandelde onderwerpen zijn relevant en nuttig. Zeker aan te raden.

Remco Verhoeven

3 months ago
(Translated by Google) The SAFe training was very instructive. I thought it was a healthy combination of theory and practice. No lesson where you go through slides of a PowerPoint presentation, but the PowerPoint slide is converted and real-time assignments. As a result, the theory really stuck and you also know how you can apply SAFe in practice. Thank you very much Roy and Remco! (Original) De SAFe training was erg leerzaam. Ik vond het een gezonde combinatie tussen de theorie en praktijk. Geen les waarbij je slides van een PowerPoint presentatie doorloop, maar de PowerPoint slide worden omgezet en real-time opdrachten. Hierdoor bleef de theorie ook echt hangen en weet je ook hoe je SAFe concreet kan toepassen in de praktijk. Super bedankt Roy en Remco!

Rubien Grootfaam

4 months ago
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