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About us

Set your world in motion

In 2008 we introduced Agile and Scrum into the design sector. Before that Scrum was IT-only. We gathered a lot of attention at the time and people asked us to provide Agile and Scrum training. We know how to make the most valuable translation to your industry while preserving the principles of Agile. We can do that because Agile and Scrum are in our blood.  

We keep going

Trainers and Agile Coaches from Scrum Academy set your world in motion with a combination of professionalism, action, and fun. We pack our courses with theoretical structure and hands-on learning. They are full of tools with which you want to get started right away.

Together on the road towards Agile

Sometimes following a course is not enough to transform the organization. In that case, we help you in Expedition Agile to make your agile journey a success. In Expedition Agile you get the best of our training program, and customized agile coaching and we work step by step on your transition. We combine our substantive expertise in marketing, communication, design, digital, and operations with our skills in training and agile coaching. This trajectory focused on content and process sets your world in motion even faster.  

Want to know how you can start?

Get in touch to discuss how you can make your next step in Agile and Scrum. Call Gert-Jan (06 11 53 52 07), request a callback or send us an e-mail.  

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