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Why is Agile more fun?






  • Highly interactive
  • 4.8 stars on Google
  • Directly applicable

If you don’t have time to change  

Because you now have loads of work. And because you want to focus on your core business. How do you know you’re ready for an Agile Transformation? These are signs to watch out for:


You want projects completed much faster.

Getting started

You’re convinced of Scrum and Agile, but you don’t know where to start.


You have trouble finding, retaining, or retaining talent.


You are looking for a better relationship between alignment and action.


You are done with PowerPoint slides. It’s time for results.


You want to prevent your team from adopting Agile and Scrum by doing it right the first time.

Get to know us  

Large organizations and successful brands went through their Agile Transformation with us. And they didn’t lose a beat. With us, you can tackle your biggest Agile challenges. So feel free to challenge us with your specific case. Take the first step to High Impact. Happy Teams.

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Our most popular services  

Through these popular In-Company training courses you can easily get acquainted with Agile. We will work with the teams to get them in flow. By applying Agile right away, everyone will feel the benefit. That’s great for the company-wide commitment!

Agile and Scrum Essentials

Discover what Agile and Scrum can mean for your team in this interactive 1-day primer.

Agile and Scrum Lego Simulation

Discover how Agile and Scrum works with this interactive Lego Game for teams. Great increasing focus and generating commitment for working Agile.

Agile Kickstart for teams

With this combination of training and coaching, you can give your Agile project a running start. We train teams in Agile and Scrum and include coaching with the first sprints.

This is how we build happy teams  

‘How does an Agile Transformation with Scrum Academy work for me?’, you ask yourself. Our customers appreciate this about us:

  • We make productivity second nature.
  • We build safe and happy teams.
  • We train teams with immediately applicable skills.
  • We accelerate learning and increase motivation.
  • We make productivity second nature.
  • We build safe and happy teams.
  • We train teams with immediately applicable skills.
  • We accelerate learning and increase motivation.

They opt for an Agile Transformation with Scrum Academy  

Check your Agile Transformation status  

The Scrum Academy coaches can come on board at any stage of your Agile Transformation. Below you can read possible starting points. What stage are you in?



You are on your way with the first Agile success stories! All beginning is hard, so the challenge is not to revert to the old situation when the going gets tough.



Shift into the next gear! Thanks to Agile you have outdone yourself. It’s time to transfer our knowledge to internal transformation coaches. The challenge is to roll out good practices to the lagging teams. Scaling up with a snowball effect.



What used to be the exception is now the new norm! Time to tackle deeper systems such as recruitment, administration, and structure. The challenge is to make the systems supportive of your new Agile approach. Agile deep systems save even more time and energy for your customers.

What people are saying about Scrum Academy

(Translated by Google) Followed a very pleasant and useful training, the two-day Scrum Master training. Learned a lot about agile, scrum and the role of scrum master! Experienced trainers, varied days, lots of fun. Thank you! (Original) Zeer prettige en nuttige training gevolgd, de tweedaagse training Scrum Master. Veel geleerd over agile, scrum en de rol van scrum master! Ervaren trainers, afwisselende dagen, hoop plezier gehad. Bedankt!

Juke Snijders Blok

5 days geleden
(Translated by Google) An interactive training in which various tools were offered and put into practice regarding agile transformations. (Original) Een interactieve training waarin verschillende handvatten werden geboden en in de praktijk gebracht betreft agile transformaties.


1 month geleden
(Translated by Google) The Agile Coach 1 training was great. Interactive and instructive and plenty of room to exchange knowledge with fellow students. After 3 days full of useful tools and ideas to get started in practice. (Original) De Agile Coach 1 training was geweldig. Interactief en leerzaam en veel ruimte om kennis uit te wisselen met de medecursisten. Na 3 dagen boordevol handige tools en ideeën om in de praktijk mee aan de slag te gaan.

Desiree Hoving

2 months geleden
(Translated by Google) Learned a lot that I can immediately apply in practice. (Original) Veel geleerd wat ik direct in de praktijk toe kan passen.

Fred Kamphues

2 months geleden
(Translated by Google) I followed 2 training courses at the Scrum Academy Agile Coach I and II. Good trainers with a lot of practical experience, interactive and you learn a lot. Highly recommended! (Original) Ik heb 2 trainingen gevolgd bij de Scrum Academy Agile Coach I en II. Goede trainers met veel praktijkervaring, interactief en je leert veel. Een echte aanrader!

nicole peereboom

2 months geleden
(Translated by Google) Great training with good interactive parts given by 2 inspiring trainers. Highly recommended if you want to do more with agile working! (Original) Geweldige training met goede interactieve onderdelen gegeven door 2 inspirerende trainers. Een aanrader als je meer wilt doen met agile werken!

ricsi horvath

3 months geleden
(Translated by Google) Practical and educational! (Original) Praktisch en leerzaam!

Suzanne Steijn

3 months geleden
(Translated by Google) Presenting the material in a 'playful' way. High Quality. Good set-up and skilled trainers (Original) Op een 'speelse' manier de stof presenteren. Hoge kwaliteit. Goede opzet en kundige trainers

Cor van Emst

3 months geleden
(Translated by Google) Once had an in-house training for Product Owner and the VDPM training at Scrum Academy. Both great workouts. Good balance between theory and practice and always room to bring in and discuss your own cases. Can be applied directly in practice, so provides immediate value! (Original) Eenmaal een in-house training gehad voor Product Owner en de training VDPM bij Scrum Academy. Beiden super trainingen. Goede balans tussen theorie en praktijk en ook altijd ruimte om eigen cases in te brengen en te bespreken. Direct toe te passen in praktijk, dus levert direct value!

Saskia de Bruin

4 months geleden

What you can expect from us  

1. Commitment to vision and ambition  

Everything starts with inspiring goals. Goals that encourage all teams to achieve. Goals help teams to focus their talent on what is valuable — there is no need to manage their tasks anymore.

2. High performing teams  

Knowledge work is best done in self-organizing teams. We no longer bring team members to projects. We bring work to empowered teams.

3. Tangible Results  

Tangible results are satisfying, and they make decisions easier. Now you know what effort leads to the best results.

4. Natural flow  

Projects actually get done. No more delaying. That’s flow. Thanks to the Scrum consistency you reduce complexity. Now you can focus on the really difficult challenges.

5. New energy in happy teams  

Ultimately, Agile is about people, and every individual counts. Thanks to the new structure, the team builds better internal relationships. Strong, energetic, and happy together.

The Scrum Academy mindset : High Impact. Happy Teams.  

Transforming organizations is teamwork.  

Together with your team, we create new systems, create a new culture, and embrace new technology. That is why we train and coach teams in the Agile mindset in a practical way. With smart workshops. Interactive teaching. Based on best practices.

Transforming is human.  

Teams, customers, managers: they are all people and not cogs in a machine. They want to change, but they don’t want to be changed. Only with their full support and motivation, you can transition to a sustainably Agile organization.

Do we share your view on transformations? Read our manifesto  

The 9 principles for an Agile organization  

Agile is a careful balance. Too much bureaucracy, and you get stuck. Too little structure, and you’re not going anywhere. In conversations with hundreds of companies about their transformations, we have discovered nine areas in which it is crucial to find the balance. Read about it in our manifesto.

Scrum Academy Manifesto

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