Coaching & Agile Transitions

Of course we provide training in Agile and Scrum, but we also guide your team, department or organization throughout the entire Agile transition. We will work together in the transition for a short period of time. This way you get all the necessary knowledge about Design Thinking, Lean Innovation, Coaching, Scrum and Agile Management. Agile is only really Agile when we are no longer needed. That is why we always strive to make ourselves redundant as soon as possible. With Scrum Academy you make your organization Agile.

Case | CASE: Syngenta Flowers. Accelerating innovation.

by | 1 July 2021

Syngenta Flowers is part of the globally operating Syngenta Group, where 49,000 employees work in more than 100 countries. The agreement of all those employees? They share the passion to develop more sustainable agriculture that is good for nature, farmers, growers and society. That passion produces valuable innovations, such as the Xcarrier.  The new tray […]

Syngenta Agile